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This Online Yoga Business Bundle is a collection of digital courses paired with group coaching to help yoga teachers looking to go from no audience, low tech skills, and lacking confidence to growing a successful home-based yoga business through the power of the internet. 


The course materials include the framework for building a solid foundation in your online yoga business (after YTT), whether you’re doing it online, in person, or both. 

Inside, you’ll find guides and tutorials to help you on your path to confident yoga teacher and business owner. There’s no need to spend hours pouring over free ad-heavy YouTube videos. Along with this program bundle, you’ll receive access to "Ashes Academy" for complete guidance and coaching to help you save time and in turn, make you more money.

When you join, you'll have access to:

1. Online Yoga Business course bundle – a selection of self-paced courses walking you through the ASHES framework. Yoga Business Foundations, Wellness Website in a Week, YouTube for Yoga Teachers, Sequencing & Cueing Collection. Sold separately, the price is around $2400.

2. Ashes Academy Community and Coaching – weekly on-going Q&A calls on Zoom, private group, check-ins, content reviews and the library of past Q&A calls and trainings.

3. BONUSES – A one-on-one welcome call, access to bonus workshops, behind-the-scenes, discounts on 1:1 calls, sequencing & cueing trainings collection.

I graduated from my YTT, but left feeling overwhelmed and lost. I felt like I didn’t learn anything and definitely didn’t feel confident enough to teach. I have been teaching family members, but that’s about it. I started to feel like I hit a wall because I didn’t know where I could learn more from, especially since I am not making an income, I cant take all these expensive trainings. But then I found Ashley, and I took your course! Now I truly feel the passion to teach again and ready to move forward.

Danielle M.
Yoga Teacher
Yes, you can make a living as a yoga teacher.

Better yet, you can build a profitable yoga business that you love from HOME or anywhere in the world. 

 (Hint: That’s exactly what I help you do inside the Online Yoga Business Bundle of online courses.) 

 Enrolling in this course bundle includes the highest tier access to our accountability membership that includes group coaching to those who are ready to go beyond YTT and make an impact and income by building your online yoga business foundation.

Who is this for?
This program is ideal for three types of people.

1. Experienced Yoga Teachers who are looking to build an online yoga business with simple systems  in place and better understand the equipment and technology needed to do so.

 2. New Yoga Teachers who are serious about wanting to teach online yoga as their primary career, but feel underprepared and overwhelmed. 

 3. Yoga Teacher Trainees who are working towards their YTT certification and need extra support to eventually graduate feeling confident and successful without undervaluing their services.

So, whether you’re an experienced yoga teacher or about to graduate YTT, you’ll find benefit inside within this group and by going through the course materials.

Who is NOT ideal for the Online Yoga Business Bundle?
This program is not ideal for you if:

You have never practiced yoga in your life. 

  • You are looking for done-for-you services and do not want to think about money or business.

  • You’re looking to study YTT topics such as in-depth anatomy, pose breakdowns, philosophy, history, yoga lineage, etc…

  • You want someone else to grow, run and manage your yoga business for you.

  • You’re not interested in learning from experienced teachers who have gone before you.

To be clear, you do not need to be a super experienced yoga teacher or business owner to be a good fit for this academy of courses and coaching.

However, you do need knowledge in what you teach and basic internet skills, along with a willingness to learn.

Essentially, if you’re committed to success as a yoga teacher and want the fast-track to yoga business confidence, this course bundle is for you.

I have always thought that I would do some sort of online yoga offering and I wasn’t sure how to begin. Ashley’s course has helped me discover my online niche, gain clarity and begin to develop my yoga business. The biggest shift for me was learning about digital course creation. She offers incredible value, continuous mentorship, tech help and so much more all at an affordable price point. It’s the best business development program that I have ever taken.

Tonya Y.
Yoga Teacher
Who is Ashley?

If you’ve read this far and you don’t know me, hi! I’m Ashley. 

I’m a yoga teacher, YTT lead trainer, studio owner, online course creator, entrepreneur, and media communications expert. 

 I graduated from my first YTT in 2013, immediately quit my full-time job and set out to be a full-time yoga teacher. I can’t say the path has been easy, but I’ve learned a thing or two (or 500 things) that would have seriously helped me in the process. 

 Using what I’ve learned after years of trial and error in the yoga industry, I’ve packaged up all the tips, tricks and short-cuts into an all-encompassing academy and coaching programs. That’s exactly what my business & marketing courses are all about.

Timeline of events:

2011 – Student athlete, graduated 4.0 with a 4-year degree in Graphic Communications. 

 2012 – Working full-time as a graphic designer, I started teaching group fitness classes on the side. I also joined an online fitness coaching business & community. This is the year I dove DEEP into personal and professional development. 

 2013 – Attended 200 hr YTT in Dallas TX and learned to teach power vinyasa yoga. Quit my full-time graphic design job to pursue yoga teaching. This is the year my dad passed away and I realized life is too short to not do what you love. 

 2015 – Started practicing Ashtanga yoga and attended first of many live Budokon Yoga trainings. 

 2016 – Started my online yoga business, investing in business coaching to streamline my growth. 

 2017 – Co-led my first 200 hr YTT in Fargo, ND. 

 2018 – Moved across the country to Washington state, and became a mom. With this life change, I had to start completely over. I also co-led my second 200 hr YTT in Wisconsin when I was 5 months pregnant. 

 2019 – Purchased a local yoga studio. Led 3rd 200 hr YTT (sold out) on my own. 

 2020 – Led my 4th YTT (sold out), finished up in June. Studio temporarily shuts down. Moved all classes and offerings online within 24 hours. The year of Virtual Yoga Teaching! 

 2021 – Turned my energy and efforts towards online courses, workshops and this membership. Made the tough decision to let go of my physical yoga studio. Continued developing relationships and building community online. Decided to close my studio at the end of the year and go 100% virtual with my business. 

 2023 – I run a thriving online-based yoga and coaching business with my little ones at my feet. Life is good!

I have been so impressed with Ashley’s business course and the level of support and attention that Ashley gives to all members. There are so many things that I have learned from her that I didn’t even know I needed to know.

Yoga Teacher
“How does these online courses… work?”

STEP 1: Once you sign up, you’ll get an email with your confirmation to access the course portal on the Teachable platform. Inside, you’ll several courses to grow your b: Yoga Business from Home, Wellness Website in a Week, YouTube for Yoga Teachers, etc. (self study courses).


STEP 2: From that initial email, you’ll see more info on our weekly live small group coaching calls that will be held on Zoom.


STEP 3: You’ll also be invited to our private community group(s) for accountability, community and additional support. 


STEP 4: Last, in that same confirmation email, you’ll get the link to sign up for your complimentary welcome call at anytime. 

STEP 5: Dive into the course content depending on where you want to start. (I recommend Wellness Website in a Week.)

 It starts with step 1 – enrolling today!

What's Included in the Course?

Each module in the foundational Yoga Business from Home course walks you through one of the steps in the ASHES method for business growth. You’ll get video lessons, templates, examples and tutorials to help you get to the business of your dreams, step-by-step. This is a self-paced course – the lessons are not offered in real time, so every student in may be in a different stage.

Ashes Academy acts like a membership that includes weekly group coaching calls on Zoom, a private community, accountability check-ins, behind-the-scenes updates, and additional trainings from myself and guest instructors. It’s the on-going real-time accountability along with access to me, Ashley, as your yoga business coach.

Online Yoga Business Building
Course Content
Module 1: Audience Clarity

The first step to growing your yoga business is getting clear on who you serve and the problem your business solves. In this module, you’ll learn how to define your niche in several different ways. You’ll come up with a powerful transformation statement and start filling in your yoga business plan.

Module 2: Business Foundations

Before we get to the fun part of creating and selling offerings, we have to understand how business works from the legal and professional side. You’ll learn about insurance, waivers, forming and LLC, expense tracking and more. This is the general guide to start your business foundation.

Module 3: Website Building & Offerings

You’ll learn what you need to set up for people to actually sign up for your offerings. Includes information on how to create a simple website to set up your scheduling & booking software so that your clients can easily book your services. You’ll choose a few simple offerings to sell so that you can start sharing right away. You’ll understand how small offerings can and will lead to your bigger offers as you start to grow.

Also included: Wellness Website in a Week 7 Phase online course!

Module 4: Marketing & Social Media

In this module, you’ll learn the difference between timely and evergreen marketing channels and will be provided templates and post ideas to get you started. But social media isn’t the only way you can advertise your business. There are many ways to be creative on and offline.

Also Included: YouTube for Yoga Teachers 8 module online course!

Module 5: Email List Building
The basics of creating an email incentive to encourage people to sign up for your email list. You’ll sign up for an email management software and then set up your list builder. When you are ready, you can then watch the replay of Part 2 in the email marketing module – creating email sequences and newsletters. Templates and examples are included.

Also included: Email List Building Basics mini course

Module 6: Elevate your Offerings
You’re ready to do something bigger than a single yoga class. Maybe it’s a 6-part workshop series. Maybe it’s a 12 week course. Maybe it’s a half day retreat. Maybe you are ready to set up your regular classes as an auto-pay membership that gives your students more. In this module, you’ll learn how to elevate your client’s experience through offering something that provides and even bigger transformation.

Also included: Create an Online Yoga Course 5 part course

Module 7: Promotional Marketing Plans
It’s not enough to create an offering. You have to market and sell it. In this module, you’ll discover a variety of ways that you can launch your offers, even before you have everything created. You can pick and choose the methods that you feel most comfortable with, however, I encourage you to get of your comfort zone and try a few methods that you wouldn’t ordinarily choose (sales calls, anyone?). Whether you have no audience, or some audience, you’ll find a way to get your first few students enrolling in your programs.

Module 8: Scaling your Business
We all have a limit to how much yoga we can teach. One of our goals in creating an online segment to our business is to create time freedom. Passive income isn’t entirely passive, as it takes work to set up – but once it’s complete, you can literally make money while you sleep. In this lesson, we’ll talk about setting up on-demand offers, signing up as an affiliate with companies you connect with, and other methods to grow your business beyond trading time for dollars.

Access to all yoga sequencing & cueing
tutorials and live training replays. ($297 value)

Trainings include videos and workbooks. You'll see workshop replays currently include : 

  • Sequencing 101 
  • Sequencing Short Classes 
  • Sequencing Beginner Classes 
  • Ladder Flow Sequencing 
  • Essential Oils and Yoga 
  • Confident Cueing 
  • Creative Cueing 
  • Cueing ABCs 
  • Hosting Yoga Workshops 
  • Bad Pose Party (alignment) 
  • And more!

What's the Investment?

Yoga Business course PLUS Ashes Academy Coaching 

Full Pay Lifetime Access $1450 

Full access to online course bundle & group coaching for life. 

(or split pay $500 x 3 months)

Note: If you already have a Teachable account with other courses please use the same email address associated with your current account.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What do I get when I join?
    As soon as you join, you’ll get immediate access to the array of courses hosted on the Teachable platform, the schedule for coaching calls, the Zoom link for our live calls, access to the FB group, the link to book your 1:1 call anytime… and an imaginary gold star!
  • What if I can't join the live calls?
    The times and days of the live Zoom sessions are scheduled months in advance, but are subject to change. Whether it’s timezone or scheduling issues, if you cannot join live, no worries! The replays and materials of each workshop will be available in the membership portal shortly after it concludes. Hang out in our private group for more community interaction.

    You also have the opportunity to get questions answered on our live calls by asking through email or in our Facebook group.
  • Can I enroll in the courses only? Or can I attend the live sessions only?
    The courses and live support go together. You will have access to the course content and calls as long as you remain and active paying member. Replays of the live sessions will also be saved and available for you to watch at any time. Past replays are available, too. If you want to join for one reason or another, that is A-okay. I encourage everyone to go through the course content at least once as an overview to have a baseline for the accountability calls
  • What apps will I need?
    You’ll need a free Zoom account for the live sessions and Teachable for the membership portal. Anyone can login and access Teachable through a web browser. Teachable app is only available on iOS. Materials are downloadable.
  • If I choose monthly payments, what happens when I cancel?
    If you cancel on the monthly plan, you will lose access to the course content and private group. You can download much of the content if you want to, but you will not longer get access to the accountability group, live calls, or course platform.
  • I've already purchased YouTube for Yoga Teachers or Wellness Website in a Week. Do you offer a discount?
    This course bundle is already heavily discounted, but if you had purchased YT4YT or Wellness Website course and would like to upgrade to this bundle with increased coaching, please email me at with the subject "Bundle Discount" and the course that you had previously purchased, and I will get back to you within 48 hrs with a discount code. No discounts will be applied to those who have previously purchased Create an Online Yoga Course.
  • Is there a refund policy?
    If you are unhappy with this course within 14 days, you may request a full refund. As a reminder, these are is a self-paced courses that you can come back to at any time. You do not have to go through any of it in real time. Contact with questions.